This note is from Brian Leneve, Monterey chapter of CNPS on their successful Wildflower show: “I am still having a hard time getting my head around the number of people that attended this year.

According to the counter on the front door there were, 4,800 people cross the door during the three days. The museum does not account for people going in and out multiple times or two people entering at the same time, but it is the same system used for quite a while and it reflects the same inaccurate counting every year so we can use it as an indicator. The best year before this the counter showed 3,000. I still do not have an accurate count of taxa in the show but my hand count showed 667 and I am usually off 5 or 10 either way. The final count will be when we count the cards.”

Congratulations to the team. It was a beautiful show.



Charlotte Torgovitsky’s garden – photo by Kris Jakob


Rare: Fritillaria falcata at the Monterey CNPS Wildflower Show


Liz Parson’s garden


East Bay Wilds Nursery


Alan and Marilyn McMaster’s garden


I traveled last week: Milo Baker, Marin, Shasta, and Monterey chapters, with a  quick stop into headquarters in Sacramento! What a whirlwind and what a great trip. Thanks to everyone!

Above are just a few shots from my trip. Every step of the way was filled with enthusiastic and supportive CNPS members and community. I got at least one snapshot at each stop. The drive through the Napa and Sonoma roads was wonderful – poppies everywhere.

I spoke at the Mil Baker and the Shasta chapter meetings and enjoyed lively discussions with well-informed audiences. And chapters want to put on more events for the general public, which we certainly support!








mutant poppy cropped

Photo by Rebecca Wilbanks

Native Plant Week as established several years ago by the California State Legislature.  Love a plant today, and every day. Above is a cute little beauty – it appears to be a mutant white Eschscholzia californica found at the Anstine Audubon Natural Preserve by my friend, Rebecca Wilbanks.

In honor of Native Plant Week, which lasts through next week (stretching the definition of “week” somewhat, but it is al in a good cause: celebration!) I will be heading off on an adventure to Northern California to visit with chapters from Redding to Monterey.



Pete Veilleux has three garden photos accompanying this article about “losing the lawn” - every day we see more attention being paid to this – so if you spot an item in your local paper. please let us know so that we can share.

There are some nice tips for removing turf and a short list of easily available summer blooming natives. Good for those who are just getting started on the native gardening path.




Fleming Garden

Saxon Holt photo from Bringing Back the Natives website


Kathy Kramer’s article in the San Jose Mercury News – Home and Garden section – is a nice description of why people are converting their lawns and ivy patches…read the whole piece at http://www.mercurynews.com/home-garden/ci_25539718/wildlife-friendly-drought-tolerant-walnut-creek-lamorinda-gardens

IMG_0484 IMG_0569 IMG_0570

Jose, Paula, Brenda

Our team of organizers


Plant ID samples


Scrub Oaks for students


Happy students at Ensenada UABC campus


Standing in line to get in!


More students at Tijuana symposia


Classroom at Otay Mesa UABC campus

César Garcia, Paula Pijoan and a bunch more of the Baja California chapter’s members put on a great Native Gardening Simposio this past weekend. The event was held Saturday in Tijuana and Sunday in Ensenada. UABC, the local university, hosted our groups and the outpouring of interested students was wonderful!

We had packed classrooms both days, with a lively discussion level and really interested and dedicated enthusiasts. This will certainly drive memberships for the chapter, although César won’t have a final count on increases until the membership applications are processed.

César gave an introduction to the plant communities and specific plants, I talked bout garden design principles and how to select natives, install ten and maintain them over time, and Paula gave overviews on how to propagate natives, since there is a shortage of available plants in their marketplace.

I’ll post more info, including a video clip testimonial, shortly.




P1210592 P1210597 P1210601 P1210618 P1210625 P1210626 P1210633 P1210637 P1210640 P1210643 IMG_6816 IMG_6839 IMG_6844 IMG_6854 IMG_6863 IMG_6865

Hei-ock Kim, Clayton Tschudy and the San Diego chapter of CNPS pulled together a great event – fifteen gardens that showed to beauty of native plantings in such a wide variety of styles.

We will shortly have statistics on attendance and other aspects of the tour, but in the mean time, here are a few photos that my sister, Tara Hoffman took…



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