Seasonal Color – February

The month of February has rushed past us already.  Here are a couple of California native plant color highlights from the past month….

Pink-Flowering Currant, Ribes sanguineum var. glutinosum, Photo: Laura Camp ©Tree of Life Nursery

The Gooseberries and Currents, Ribes spp., have continued their color show that started in January.  Pictured here is one of the stunning cultivars of Pink-flowering currant, Ribes sanguineum var. glutinosum,and the more southern California species, Chaparral Currant, Ribes malvaceum.  These plants go dormant in the summer, but their fresh green leaves and gorgeous flowers are a welcome sight in early spring.

Chaparral Currant, Ribes malvaceum, Photo: Laura Camp ©Tree of Life Nursery

Finally, we (and the bees and hummingbirds) welcome the beginning blues and whites of spring Sage blooms.  Pictured below is the low-growing Creeping Sage HybridSalvia ‘Dara’s Choice’, with masses of dark purple flowers.

Please comment and share the star bloomer in your yard for February.

Creeping Sage Hybrid, Salvia 'Dara's Choice', Photo: Laura Camp ©Tree of Life Nursery

3 thoughts on “Seasonal Color – February

  1. Pete, thank you for your comment and for that stunning photo gallery! Your pictures are amazing and matched by how well you’ve organized them.

    I really appreciate you sharing your knowledge about Ribes sanguineum and am sorry it took me a week plus to respond to your post.

    When I made this initial post I didn’t know what cultivar I had photographed, but now I think it’s ‘Claremont’.

  2. Ribes spp. are great for early blooms … ours started really early this past year (Dec.) because of all the fall rain.

    This February the star bloomers in our garden were … Star lilies (Zigadenus fremontii). They ‘showed up’
    (meaning we could see them) after we got rid of the weeds. We think they must have been there a long time. They get quite large (4 feet!).

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