Water/Energy Nexus


photo courtesy LA Times

As part of our daily life, water and energy are getting a lot of attention as we come to realize their intertwined relationships. The Los Angeles Times just printed an article, “Water conservation’s other benefit: its a power saver,” that highlights some of the issues. Native plant gardening will not reap all the benefits of lower water use. For example, some benefit will come from people taking fewer or shorter showers with cooler water. But it hits home in the use of water for landscaping. Moving water around the state is one of the primary electrical expenditures in California.

When we decrease the amount of water that we use on landscapes, it is like getting a free power plant. Direct, no cost! So, let’s continue to encourage all who we see that this is a great alternative in so many ways. And, some day soon, it will be rare to see a photo of grass being watered in this state.

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