2015 Conservation Conference – Horticulture-related topics

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The 2015 Conservation Conference is right around the corner. We are in the “Call for Abstracts” phase – for both workshops and speakers. Brett Hall and Steve Windhager are helping to fill up a nice roster of speakers, so please get in touch with us if you have a topic that fits. We are looking for speakers that can address these themes:

  • why we use native plants in public and private landscapes

  • how we can most effectively implement best practice and techniques

  • how to engage the public through outreach and education.

We will weave together presentations on values and benefits, nursery operations and propagation, habitat gardening for wildlife (e.g.native bees and other pollinators, bird and small mammal habitat) conservation gardens, lawn conversation, designing and growing meadows, regional native plant horticulture, and presentations on specific plant groups (geophytes, succulents, ferns, etc.). If you have a topic that you would like to propose, we encourage you to apply – but in the mean time, if you have any suggestions or questions, plese call or email me.

And, when the Call is announced, I’ll let you know where to go for more information.

Additionally, the call has gone out for workshops – here is the link to the PDF that describes exactly what we are looking for and what the logistics will be.

2 thoughts on “2015 Conservation Conference – Horticulture-related topics

  1. looking forward to that “lawn conversation”.
    Seriously, there are some interesting efforts at renovation and of course, xeriscaping

  2. Hi-

    I’m with KCBS Radio in San Francisco. We’re interested in speaking with you about how home owners can convert their lawn into something “less thirsty.” We would like to talk about the options home owners have in terms of design… How to deal with the social expectations that you’re supposed to have a lawn… And how much will it cost to make the changes.

    The interview would be live, over the phone for about 5 minutes with our anchors Stan Bunger and Holly Quan. We would like to do it at either 7:30am PT or 9:30am PT tomorrow morning (3/26).

    Please let me know if you or someone else who could answer our questions is available.


    Nic Palmer
    Producer, CBS News Radio San Francisco
    KCBS, 740 am, 106.9 fm & kcbs.com
    (415) 765-4074 t

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