Garden Native Tour was a success…

P1210592 P1210597 P1210601 P1210618 P1210625 P1210626 P1210633 P1210637 P1210640 P1210643 IMG_6816 IMG_6839 IMG_6844 IMG_6854 IMG_6863 IMG_6865

Hei-ock Kim, Clayton Tschudy and the San Diego chapter of CNPS pulled together a great event – fifteen gardens that showed to beauty of native plantings in such a wide variety of styles.

We will shortly have statistics on attendance and other aspects of the tour, but in the mean time, here are a few photos that my sister, Tara Hoffman took…


One thought on “Garden Native Tour was a success…

  1. I love your org and what you do! hoping to get to an event this summer. I am hoping to find someplace to harvest stinging nettles, preferably wild. I understand they grow like crazy near creeks in some places. I have read up on how to prepare them and make tea. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated. Joe Dougherty, 619-840-2282

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