Native Plant Week rolling tour


Charlotte Torgovitsky’s garden – photo by Kris Jakob


Rare: Fritillaria falcata at the Monterey CNPS Wildflower Show


Liz Parson’s garden


East Bay Wilds Nursery


Alan and Marilyn McMaster’s garden


I traveled last week: Milo Baker, Marin, Shasta, and Monterey chapters, with a  quick stop into headquarters in Sacramento! What a whirlwind and what a great trip. Thanks to everyone!

Above are just a few shots from my trip. Every step of the way was filled with enthusiastic and supportive CNPS members and community. I got at least one snapshot at each stop. The drive through the Napa and Sonoma roads was wonderful – poppies everywhere.

I spoke at the Mil Baker and the Shasta chapter meetings and enjoyed lively discussions with well-informed audiences. And chapters want to put on more events for the general public, which we certainly support!







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