Garden Time – Testing Salvia in a pot

Salvia spathacea in pot

I’m not great at propagation, but Salvia spathacea seems to be OK with my level of capability and generously has agreed to start growing in a pot. I plunked this in a smaller pot several months ago and just transferred it to this glazed 9″ in diameter heavy clay vessel. It is an odd shade of purple, so I am expecting that the magenta of the Salvia blossoms will look pretty funky against this background. I mulched the soil with small granite rocks – there are literally TONS of these three-quarter inch to one inch nuggets on my property. I use them to mulch everything.

Fortunately I have always loved rocks – one of my best birthday presents when I was in elementary school was a genuine rockhound’s pick from Grieger’s – the professional’s source for tools at the time. So, having a garden full of native plants and rocks is, for me, paradise!

2 thoughts on “Garden Time – Testing Salvia in a pot

  1. when Salvia spathacea grows very vigorously in enough sunlight, the leaves turn a very bright green – almost chartreuse which will look great contrasting w/ the wine red of the pot. here’s an example of how it look growing in a fair amount of sun.

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