Letter to the Editor of the New York Times

Brendan Monroe New York Times

illustration by Brendan Monroe from the New York Times Letters to the editor page

Daniel Fink, longtime Theodore Payne Foundation supporter and past board member, wrote a short and snappy letter to the editor of the New York Times which was published the other day.

I don’t read the New York Times, but one of my old technology buddies does get it, spotted the mention of native plants, and passed on the link to me. Thanks, Kevin!

The gist of the Times article was that we weren’t conserving as well as we could under voluntary rules. Here is the link to the full article: “Forceful Steps Amid a Severe Drought” (news article, Jan. 16).

And Daniel’s response was, in part, “…developed land in California should be planted with native plants appropriate to each of the many soil zones and climate conditions in our large and varied state.”

Yes, please.



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