Invasive Mexican Feather Grass


Mexican Feather Grass

Photo courtesy Joan Bockman


My buddy, Joan Bockman, of the Buena Vista Native Plant Club in Oceanside, has been working to help nurseries stop selling Mexican Feather Grass –

Nasella (formerly Stipa) tenuissima – an invasive that is used frequently in Southern California. She sent me this picture a while ago – because it illustrates the crucial problem: seeds get windblown and rapidly take hold in areas where they were not intended.

This planting area to the far side of the sidewalk was intentionally landscaped with a border of the grass. And you can see how it rapidly colonized the near side of the walkway.

Talk this up to your friends and gardeners you know: there are so many great alternatives to this attractive, but invasive plant.

PlantRight is running a campaign right now about this issue – and they have some ways you can help on a larger scale to ease this plant out of the garden scene here.





2 thoughts on “Invasive Mexican Feather Grass

  1. Get over it! This is a hardy plant that’s doing what nature intended it to do. Propagate! Once again, we’re trying to interfere with mother nature and claim it’s the right thing to do.

    Maybe we should find a way for humans to stop propagating as well.

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