Mountain View Tree Survey

f9f35a7b-226d-499b-a23f-8f730413d232One of our online community members in the Gardening With Natives Yahoo group wrote in to tell us about the efforts of Mountain View, which is part of the “Tree City USA” program to gather public input about urban trees.

Mountain View is conducting a tree survey until the end of July.  ​EVERYONE is welcome to participate and you need not be Mountain View resident.
The City of Mountain View asks that we complete this short survey to help them understand how people view Mountain View’s community trees, and to identify which community forest management services are most important.

According to the survey, “Trees are vital assets that provide significant benefits to the community. The City of Mountain View’s community urban forest consists of approximately 26,000 trees valued at more than $85.6 million. With proper care, the value and benefits will increase over time. In order to manage this valuable resource, sustainable, long-term strategic planning is needed. As responsible stewards of the community’s urban forest, the City is working with a consultant to develop a long-term Community Tree Master Plan. The Plan provides for a healthy and thriving urban forest through proper care, cost efficient maintenance, tree preservation guidelines, canopy enhancement, reforestation, habitat preservation, and promotion of community forest benefits.”

So, please do go check this out and, everywhere you can, mention native trees.



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