Another Leopard Lily bloom shot


Leopard Lily

Photo courtesy Kristen Hopper


Our readers can’t seem to get enough of the Leopard Lily (Lilium pardalinum), based on comments and blog traffic. So, here is another bloom shot offered by Kristen Hopper of Oaktown Native Plant Nursery.
She writes that this is “…the welcomed sight of the Lilium pardalinum in bloom. This plant is native to stream banks in many parts of our lovely state. It is always a joy to come upon a stream-side patch in full bloom. The leopard lily also does well under normal garden conditions in dappled shade. The bulbs will increase over time forming a colony.”
I am in San Diego and envious of this Norther California beauty. In the past, I’ve tried growing it in a pot (knowing full well it is not of my local plant community by any stretch of the definition) because I love those colors. But I never had any luck with it, so maybe it is just as well that I let this one go and just admire it from afar.

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