Would you like to hear some good news?

native sons nursery site

Aerial Shot of Native Sons Wholesale Nursery, courtesy of the Native Sons website.

It isn’t often that we get some good news going and yet, this morning we heard two nice, connected pieces of info.

Tim Fross, from Native Sons Wholesale Nursery in Arroyo Grande wrote this email to Robert Hall, who shared it with the online Yahoo Group: ”

With regards to neonicotinoids, we discontinued using any product containing them at the beginning of the year.” That’s great!

And that led Jean Struthers to mention that the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service has just announced they will ban neonics and GMOs in All Wildlife Refuges. “We have determined that prophylactic use, such as a seed treatment, of the neonicotinoid pesticides that can distribute systemically in a plant and can affect a broad spectrum of non-target species is not consistent with Service policy,” James Kurth, chief of the National Wildlife Refuge System, wrote in a July 17 memo.

Thank you to those who have lobbied, discussed, written about and generally raised awareness level on this issue. We are making progress.


3 thoughts on “Would you like to hear some good news?

  1. I am overjoyed to hear some good news! And I think we should thank our activist members for their wisdom and persistence to get bureaucracies and corporations to change their policies.

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