A really nice article by Betty Young has appeared



Nice photo of our smiling Betty Young, courtesy of the Golden Gate National Parks Conservancy

The Golden Gate National Parks Conservancy’s newsletter has published an article, entitled “Oh, How We Have Grown.” Betty Young wrote the article, detailing her thoughts as she approaches retirement. 

She ran their Native Plant Nurseries for many years. She writes, “From Muir Beach to Mori Point, from Hawk Hill to Crissy Field, and all across the Presidio, restoration efforts by the Parks Conservancy, National Park Service, and Presidio Trust have benefited a wide range of wildlife—including rare, threatened, or endangered species. The California red-legged frog, San Francisco garter snake, mission blue butterfly, coho salmon, Franciscan manzanita, and many more species now enjoy expanded and healthier habitat—due in large part to the palette of plants that are thriving in restored landscapes.” 

And Betty’s role was to provide the best-quality plants from the nurseries she oversaw.  She details her efforts to improve propagation facilities and notes that, “…we have learned to grow over 400 species of plants that are native to the park (I hardly know 400 people!).” I love her sense of humor. 

And we are now hoping that Betty’s knowledge will be brought to our volunteers scattered over 34 chapters in diverse climates, conditions and configurations. She is knowledgeable, of course, but she is also willing to help any and all of us who have questions about how to germinate, transplant, care for, and nourish plants for our own use, plant sales, and other projects. 

Please read the full article she wrote – and you will see her wisdom in each sentence. We look forward to having more of her time available to all of us. 

Start storing up your questions for her!



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