Alri’s Edibles

Courtesy Middlebrook Gardens

Photo courtesy Middlebrook Center

The California Native Garden Non-Profit Foundation (CNGF) invites you to join us on Saturday, September 20th from 5 to 10 PM at the Middlebrook Center, 76 Race Street, San Jose, CA, for an elegant evening of dining and music at our Eating California Fall Harvest Festival. The Festival will culminate CNGF’s Eating California Native Edible Eating series, a partnership with The Red Basket Chef, a line-up of cooking, designing, and tasting workshops that are taking place on several Saturdays throughout the summer and early fall of 2014. The culminating Fall Harvest Festival will also serve as a finale to the many projects and events related to sustainability, garden design, and food taking place at the Middlebrook Center this summer. The Festival will capture the essence of the mission of the California Native Garden Foundation–to provide the next generation the knowledge and resources necessary in order to create a prosperous future society based on the ideals of healthy living and the preservation of the natural world.

The festival includes

a tasting menu of small dishes using native edible ingredients
organic and sustainable wine
garden-brewed beer
garden infused mixed drinks
silent auction
Bossa Nova music by Dillon Vado Trio
socializing with inspiring people

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