Shall we do another group effort?

SF Flower and Garden Show

Last spring, a number of our local resources, and some even farther afield, participated in the San Francisco Flower & Garden Show. It was a scramble to get the speakers organized and to get booths and displays set. But it turned out to be a very successful event, according to the feedback I received.

Now the question is: shall we make a coordinated effort again this year – and even improve on our efforts? The next show will be held March 18-22, 2015 at the San Mateo Event Center. The theme this year will be “Going Wild.” That makes it right up our alley!

The creators of the event say, “In response to increasing demands for participatory experiences from the new generation of garden en­thusiasts, presenters with an idea for mini “hands-on” workshops or “Make & Take” stations are encour­aged to present ideas for consideration for the “Do-It-Together” workshop area.

The overall criteria for the selection of speakers for 2015 will be new speakers with exciting information or points of view, as well as those speakers rated highest in past years. The most successful speakers are always those who engage the audience with strong interpersonal skills and craft their presentation or demonstration to be manageable within the time allowed (45-minutes with a maximum of 15-minutes for Q&A.) Because the majority of show attendees come from the Bay area, priority will be given to speakers with subject matter that is tailored to sustainable gardening in Northern California with its par­ticular climate, water patterns, and appropriate plant choices.”

We will need to have our plans together quickly – they have a deadline for speaker applications of October 30th. So, please let me know what you think about this event. Should we go for it? 


One thought on “Shall we do another group effort?

  1. i’d be interested in speaking about interesting native plants to use in bay area gardens. i’d only be interested in doing another garden if i were collaborating w/ others. it’s very expensive and time-consuming [although we were reimbursed for the majority of our expenses after it was all over]. i’m really glad we did it though!

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