A great group of volunteers step up to celebrate Native Plant Week 2015

Golden Yarrow and Mimulus bifidus

Photo courtesy Pete Veilleux, East Bay Wilds – Golden Yarrow and Mimulus bifidus

As many of you know, In 2010, the California Legislature adopted Assembly Concurrent Resolution 173 to inaugurate Native Plant Week to celebrate California’s natural heritage of native plants. So, rolling forward to 2015, Native Plant Week will be April 11 – 19.

Drawing on a wide-ranging volunteer pool of experts and activists, we selected a group that exemplifies the broad base of supporters and enthusiasts to form the Native Plant Week 2015 committee. It consists of:

Barbara Hunt: Barbara has been a member of CNPS for several years and participated in many native plant events in her area, Santa Clara County, including garden tours and maintaining plantings.


Deidre Kennelly: Deidre is the Communications Manager for CNPS. She works to support the needs of members and chapters and expand CNPS’ reach. She oversees a team of talented people dedicated to helping chapters succeed.


Susan Krzywicki: Susan is the Horticulture Program Director for CNPS. In addition to her work with CNPS, Susan chaired Surfrider Foundation’s Ocean Friendly Gardens Programs Committee in San Diego.


Ryan Lawler: Ryan is a Botany student at Humboldt State University and a cross-country runner, as well as hiker. He is helping to bring a consciousness of native plants to college campuses.


Don Rideout: Don is an artistic and accomplished gardener and active in the CNPS San Diego chapter. His property has been on the recent Garden Native Tour and combines found art with strong botany skills.


Joe Sochor: Joe is an active member of the California Native Plant Society in San Diego and works in the craft beer industry in Southern California. He believes California native plants are proof that God wants us to be happy since they flourish in the driest of droughts and require less “gardening” thus leaving  more time to enjoy craft beer.


Pete Veilleux – Pete is the owner of East Bay Wilds, a native plant nursery in Oakland.  His firm specializes in the use of native plant material for use in residential and commercial landscapes in the Bay Area. Pete is also an avid photographer and has provided many garden images for CNPS projects.


The committee is working to leverage Native Plant Week 2015 to increase the scope of understanding and use of native plants and their positive impacts on the environment. Gardening practices are changing as experts learn more about the negative effects of over-watering and chemical-dependent techniques. Native plants are the most ecologically beneficial solution any gardener can employ. They naturally use low amounts of water; do not require chemical fertilizers or pesticides; provide a unique caterpillar-host relationship to allow for abundant butterfly populations; provide the best nectar, pollen, and habitat for butterflies, bees and birds; and give a sense of place that no other plant palette can provide.

Daniel Gluesenkamp, our Executive Director says, “We have a lot to celebrate in Native Plant Week 2015 including  our successful conservation efforts, our gardening initiatives and CNPS’ 50th anniversary.”

We’ll be telling you more in the future!

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