Interested in being on a TECHNICAL REVIEW COMMITTEE?


We need to help the California Department of Food and Agriculture change this picture!

The California Department of Food and Agriculture has  the Specialty Crop Block Grant Program, which is an annual competitive solicitation process designed to enhance the competitiveness of California specialty crops. And guess what? California native plants qualify as “specialty crops,” so we are applying for a grant to help the Horticulture Program stay funded.

The Department is looking for qualified individuals to join the committee that reviews, evaluates, and makes recommendations to them on proposals submitted for California Specialty Crop Block Grant Program funding.

We’d love to have some native plant experts apply for the job. Here is the process:

Individuals interested in serving on the Technical Review Committee should submit their applications via email to before December 8, 2014. Applications must include a letter of interest, short biography, and statement of qualifications identifying the Specialty Crop Block Grant Program funding category related to the applicant’s area of expertise. For a description of the funding categories, please reference the 2015 Request for Concept Proposals at In addition, prospective Technical ReviewCommittee members will be required to disclose whether they are affiliated with any proposals submitted to the 2015 Specialty Crop Block Grant Program, whether as an applicant or cooperator. If selected, individuals will be required to complete the Form 700 Statement of Economic Interests and the Ethics Training Course.

Prospective applicants may contact CDFA’s Federal Funds Management Office at (916) 657-3231 for additional information.

The funding categories they mention are: Market Enhancement, Specialty Crop Access and Nutrition Education, Equipping Current and Next Generation Specialty Crop Farmers, Environmental Stewardship and Conservation and Plant Health and Pest Management.

So, this gives broad scope to the capabilities they are looking for – and we’d love to have some native plant expertise on the committee. Please do consider applying – or let others know so they might apply.

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