The Drought’s effect on wildlife

Bauer Book

There’s been some discussion lately about the effect that the drought has on our wildlife – are people seeing changes in animal and insect behavior? Are populations of squirrels crashing? Has this affected regional patterns such as elevation and latitude or longitude of observed migration patterns?

While scientists at the macro level are looking to monitor and report, we all can do our part to gather data from our own gardens and nearby open spaces. Keep a log or journal and record your observations. A friend of mine has his own rain statistics dating back over twenty years! Each meticulously recorded in a series of black and white composition books, sold inexpensively at office supply stores.

Of course there are more elaborate systems, including some beautiful art journals that can serve as inspiration. And, CNPS sells a Nature Journal, as well as a complete kit for field journalling.

Attracting your own gang of birds and bees is the first step. Here is a book that will give you some great planting and care advice to step up the level of visits by the natural world to your garden: Nancy Bauer’s “The California Wildlife Habitat Garden: How to Attract Bees, Butterflies, Birds, and Other Animals.”

The book is available at the CNPS store and would make a nice holiday gift.

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