Funk goes Wild and Scenic with native plants

Wild and Scenic

Alicia Funk recently put together a great movie about California native plants and their wonderful edible qualities. She asked us to participate in the filming, called the Living Wild Project. The 4-minute short piece been officially accepted into the “Wild and Scenic Film Festival” for screening in 2015, during the 2nd weekend of January! This is a fun project that will add a unique twist to the film fare at this cool festival in Nevada City.

Alicia has also produced a few other short films, focused on enjoying a native plant food each season and have spring & summer posted so far. You can see these at her web site,

Jess Swigonski, liaison for the Wild and Scenic festival, reached out to us and told us that, “We will be screening environmental, adventure, and social justice films from all over the world alongside activism workshops, art, and music”.

Share the spirit of adventure and activism that has sprung up in this California community for the past twelve years! If you are interested in attending, please check out their website for more information about the festival and purchasing tickets:

I can’t believe that January 15th is coming up so soon. If you are looking for a great activity, please do check this out and let us know how you enjoyed the film!

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