Landscape Industry Show tomorrow

LIS CLCAI am speaking at the CLCA Landscape Industry Show tomorrow – the convention is in Ontario on Wendweday and Thursday. My presentation is California Native Plants For A Water-Challenged Future


This seminar is about reducing landscape irrigation needs, minimizing chemical use, and gardening for sustainability (building habitat and reducing green waste) are all important trends that benefit from the use of California native plants. This session will explore some of the myths of native plants; will show beautiful, low maintenance examples of native plant gardens in managed landscapes as well as individual residences; and explain the benefits of native plants over the broader Mediterranean or “drought-tolerant” plant selection categories.

Participants will learn about the key California native landscape plants that provide extended bloom, color and reliability; How maintenance strategies in managed landscapes differ from conventional practices; IPM the easy way – using native plants; The key benefits of California native plans over other plant selections, such as Mediterranean and drought-tolerant selections; How native plants are best adapted to exist in difficult soil conditions; Key resources for more information, training, marketing campaigns and partnering opportunities to create a new future; and the new CNPS Certification Program for licensed professionals.

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