Alicia Funk honored with William Nickerl Award for Conservation Leadership Award

Alicia Funk

Last Tuesday, the Bear Yuba Land Trust recognizedAlicia Funk during its annual Oak Tree Bash: Annual Meeting and Award Ceremony in Grass Valley.

The Land Trust honored Alicia with the William Nickerl Award for Conservation Leadership. How does this sound for a glowing testimonial: “I’ve known Alicia for many years and have seen how her passion for our local natural environment has really captured her imagination,” said BYLT Executive Director Marty Coleman-Hunt. “She has turned that passion into action by becoming our local expert on culinary and medicinal wild, native plants and traditional uses by indigenous peoples. She has advocated for our understanding and the use of them through tours and talks, lectures, writing and now filmmaking. This award recognizes exactly these qualities among people like Alicia in our community.”

Many of you will know that Alicia is the founder of the Living Wild Project and co-author of “Living Wild — Gardening, Cooking and Healing with Native Plants of California” which is near and dear to our heart because some of the proceeds of each book come directly here to us at CNPS. Buy the book at our website, if you don’t already have it!

Congratulations to Alicia, and read the whole article here.

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