Wildflowers of the Trinity Alps

Wildflowers Galore! New guide to the Trinity Alps

Wildflowers of the Trinity Alps

Wildflowers of the Trinity Alps ISBN 978-1-941624-11-1

For the last 50 years, Ken DeCamp has been capturing images of wildflowers from around the world. But a personal passion for one California mountain range has captivated him more than any other. His father was a dam builder, working on projects all over the Pacific Northwest and eventually Pakistan and Australia. It was in the late 1950s when they moved to Lewiston, California to work on Trinity Dam. Being lifelong wilderness enthusiasts it was here his family fell in love with the Trinity Alps.

Ken has spent 60+ years exploring the Klamath Mountains but is particularly fond of the Trinity Alps and the Russian Wilderness where he developed a deep love for these wild places. In fact, he loved the area so much that he never left. He retired from the Shasta-Trinity National Forest in 2007 after a 38 year career in Fire, Land Management Planning, and Public Affairs. He still lives in Shasta County.

The Klamath Mountains are renowned for their exceptional plant diversity and Ken has grown up with this. As a self-proclaimed amateur botanist, he wanted to understand the flowers better—so he bought a camera, a couple of simple wildflower guides, and hit the trails to take photographs.

Tracy’s penstemon (Penstemon tracyi) can only be found in the Trinity Alps Wilderness by Ken DeCamp.

“I wanted to create a guide for that would be easy for folks to carry in their backpack and use to identify flowers along the trails of these mountains.” Ken said. “After a few years spent attempting to assemble a guide I realized that I was going to need some help.”

He asked his professional botanist friends and eventual co-authors, Julie Knorr and Julie Kierstead Nelson, to review the guide he was working on. They loved the pictures but said it needed editing as a botanical guide and graciously offered to set this guide on a path that would satisfy both amateur and professional botanists. This book is now the most up-to-date guide to wildflowers for the Klamath Mountains.

California Native Plant Society Shasta Chapter member Julie Kierstead Nelson said  “I am really excited to have a wildflower guide for the Klamath Mountains that is both beautifully photographed and that highlights both common and unique plants across the region; and is botanically current.“

Julie Knorr, from Fort Jones, California, spent years working with Ken on this guide. “I am proud to be a part of this work I’m sure folks will enjoy taking it along on hikes in our beautiful area.”

The book was edited and published by Backcountry Press in Humboldt County and supported by California Native Plant Society North Coast and Shasta chapters. The book includes 338 full-color pages with 505 plant species. It is printed in the USA on paper with recycled content.

Wildflowers of the Trinity Alps can be found at the CNPS Store.

“This book is the culmination of Ken DeCamp’s life-long love of photographing and identifying wildflowers. He brings the Trinity Alps and their spectacular display of wildflowers to life in this richly photographed guide. A monumental achievement.”

Matt Ritter, author of California’s Trees Among Us


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