A nice resource


Dodecatheon hendersonii – courtesy of Henry W. Coe State Park website

Our buddy, Patrick Pizzo, send us this link to a very colorful website about wildflowers: http://coepark.net/pineridgeassociation/plants-animals-geology/wildflowers?catid=6

Their photos are all really clear – for example, the one shown here is  Dodecatheon hendersonii – I wish I could capture an image that radiant.

Please pass this along to those who love clear examples of nature’s best.


Some Useful Resources

As I get deeper into this job, I am finding some good resources that CNPS and the chapters make available. This is not a comprehensive list – but a smattering of places for home gardeners, professional landscapers, water industry personnel and conservationists to look into. Just reviewing what we have sometimes is a spark for creativity and forward motion.

Don’t you ever find that digging through a closet to get to something you need leads you to an item you had “forgotten” you had? Well, occasional posts like this will bring items to to fore – you may know most of these, so please suggest others to me that I might not be aware of. It’s lovely to find cool new things…

Of course, the main calendar of events for horticulture is at the CNPS Horticulture Calendar page. Did you know that anyone can upload to it? Send an email to hortcalendar@cnps.org, and we will reply with instructions. This calendar can be sorted by chapter, or by event type. We have tours, flower shows, workshop soon water efficiency, and other items. Not all are hosted by CNPS chapters. And it is a wide variety. Can you think of anything coming up in your area that we could post? Please let me know.

Here is a sample of the page:

Screen Shot 2014-01-23 at 8.28.04 AM

Another set of resources are found under the main CNPS site in a section called Growing Natives. Here you can find tips and techniques, localized native plant lists, and names of native plan nurseries by region.

The Santa Clara Valley chapter started a great online forum, Gardening With Natives, that you can join. And I love their photo gallery – people, plants and animals!

What other online resources are your favorites? Please let us know: skrzywicki@cnps.org.