Garden Time – Testing Salvia in a pot

Salvia spathacea in pot

I’m not great at propagation, but Salvia spathacea seems to be OK with my level of capability and generously has agreed to start growing in a pot. I plunked┬áthis in a smaller pot several months ago and just transferred it to this glazed 9″ in diameter heavy clay vessel. It is an odd shade of purple, so I am expecting that the magenta of the Salvia blossoms will look pretty funky against this background. I mulched the soil with small granite rocks – there are literally TONS of these three-quarter inch to one inch nuggets on my property. I use them to mulch everything.

Fortunately I have always loved rocks – one of my best birthday presents when I was in elementary school was a genuine rockhound’s pick from Grieger’s – the professional’s source for tools at the time. So, having a garden full of native plants and rocks is, for me, paradise!

Dry but blooming

San Diego continues to be dry. My relatives in town from Washington D. C. and Boston are loving it. Yesterday we drove down through Baja into the Valle de Guadelupe and it was gorgeous and warm – sunshine abounded.

My Salvia spathacea is starting to bloom, in spite of the lack of rain. Maybe we will have a bit of rain soon? Heaven forfend, not on January 1, but some time soon.

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Salvia spathacea starting to bloom