If you are in Long Beach next week…

lax-logo-top-2015I’ll be speaking at the LA Expo – which is an industry conference for the landscape industry, with┬áthousands of commercial design elements, lighting, structures, hardscapes and specialized products. Why are we there? To spread the message amongst the industry that is most affected by plant material choices!

We look to garden with natives, and in order to do that, we are supported by a ton of commercial interests: plant growers and sellers, gardens, designers, people with ancillary products, even companies that sell soils and synthetic chemicals.

And they all need to hear our message. So, I love to go out on the road and evangelize for our viewpoint. These sessions are fun and eye-openers. It is great to see how the industry is slowly but surely embracing better gardening practices.

And we are at the center of that!

The LA Expo is this March 12th & 13th at the Long Beach Convention Center. IF you want to check it out, I’ll be speaking at 9 AM on the 12th. Stop by and say hello.