Kern and Bristlecone fun

Kern luncheon

The Kern Crew


Well, I am not a good photographer…I cut off Dorie’s head and the photo is blurry, but you get what I am after…meeting with chapters. This time it was the Kern chapter. We met in Bakersfield and I and a great time getting to know a few people. I look forward to heading back there next month for a talk.

Then I moved on to the Bristlecone chapter – in Bishop and it was opening day for the anglers, but we still and a nice crowd for their symposium – co-sponsored with Master Gardeners.

This picture is better – it was taken by one of the Master Gardeners. We didn’t manage to get Katie Quinlan in the photo – but you can see we were having fun.


Bristlecone Symposium Speakers

I’ll get better at the picture taking, but the enthusiasm of the people cannot be improved upon! Knowledge, involvement and commitment. It was a great trip.